Greener Inhalers

Campaign topics: Medicines Optimisation, Primary Care, Self-care
Target audience: General public

Greener Inhalers

Raising awareness of the environmental impact of Metered-dose Inhalers and encouraging greener behaviours.

Metered-dose inhaler emissions account for approximately 3% of the NHS carbon footprint. The ‘Greener Inhalers’ campaign sets out to create healthier futures in the region by encouraging environmentally-conscious behaviours including proper disposal of old inhalers at a pharmacy and trial of more planet-friendly devices. The campaign is aimed at the general public. It was co-created with respiratory patients from the North East, and is underpinned by new research and behavioural science principles.

Campaign Guides

  • Greener Inhalers brand guidelines

    Brand guidelines provide a clear framework for consistency in marketing materials, including logo usage, typography and colours.